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The transport company Zijderlaan from Stolwijk came to SugarFactory for the celebration of the 80th anniversary. SugarCity was the perfect venue for this event because the company transported for the former sugar factory in the past. Therefore they have a warm bond with the former CSM sugar factory.

The theme of the event was Food Truck Festival, tailored to the target group and business activities. Especially for Zijderlaan organizer vanderLOO party & business events built a matching decor in the Middenfabriek. The event was arranged as a festival square with various foodtrucks around. From the foodtrucks pizzas were served with connecting names and a rotary truck wheel transported different types of sushi and sashimi. The location provided festival signs, a unique Zijderlaan oldtimer and even a complete brown bar: The Food Corner Garage Zijderlaan.

The evening started with a welcome by the Zijderlaan family and everyone was offered something to drink. After everyone came in, the evening was opened by the Zandtovenaar, who painted the story of Zijderlaan beautifully in the sand. Following was a speech from director Wim Zijderlaan. He explained that the choice had fallen on SugarFactory because they had transported beet and pulp for decades to the former factory. “This location is actually our factory. There was only one way for us at the time; The road to Halfweg”, he said proudly. A historical video of the former sugar factory reminded everyone of this time, but especially the staff who worked for the company for 40 years were thanked for their efforts. Betty and Bea, the hostesses of the evening, said: “The foundation of your company is in the sugar factory.”

In order to bring the party mood, some of the Zijderlaan colleagues could started the next program. Under the guidance of three drummers, the group repeated 5 minutes. Then, dressed as garbage men, they gave an exciting musical performance by drumming on buckets and barrels. Because of their spread over the balustrade, the stairs and the stage, this performance was given an extra dimension.

The rest of the evening the party continued with performances of Soulbeach and a surprise show of Dré Hazes. At the end of the evening a late night snack was served and toasted with the Zijderlaan special beer.

For this event was built one day in advance. VanderLOO party & business events took care of the organization, the decor, the catering and the program. Bazelmans was the technique supplier and put down a beautiful light show. The pictures are made by ‘Lach of ik schiet’. SugarFactory is proud to host this beautiful event in collaboration with vanderLOO party & business events, commissioned by Zijderlaan: a client with a special relationship with the former CSM sugar factory.

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