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The SugarFactory website is for information only, and is not legally binding. We have taken due care in creating and maintaining the site, but cannot guarantee that the information is correct, complete, or up to date, or that the site will always be available and free of viruses.  We may not be held liable if the information is incorrect, incomplete or up to date, or in any other way connected with your use of the site.

Third-party information

We may not be held liable for the content, use or availability of any third-party sites that we link to, and you use them at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that they are correct, up to date, or complete.

Use of words and images

All words, photographs, logos and other graphics on this site are the copyright of SugarFactory B.V. You may not download, print, copy, distribute or otherwise make available any words or images without our prior written consent, except for your own personal use.

Changes to the site

We may change information on this site at any time, including this disclaimer, without prior notice. We recommend that you check whether any such changes have been made.

Applicable law

This site, including this disclaimer, is governed by Dutch law.

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