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KLM Boutique Magnifique 2

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Middenfabriek Pulppersloods Binnenstraat Bietenwasruimte
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Boutique Magnifique is the annual fair KLM organises for its cabin crew. The event is entirely dedicated to the latest trends in the field of inflight sales. During the day, the latest products are tested and tasted. Once again, KLM chose SugarCity and turned the factory into a parade festival.

The guests entered the Binnenstraat via the red carpet, where they were festively welcomed. The real surprise came only when they entered the Middenfabriek, where a large Beemster cow was waiting for the guests. The day was opened centrally by a presentation and followed by many workshops, speed dates and tastings. After the official programme, the day was festively closed with Jeroen Nieuwenhuize and the band Sesam.

A special feature of this event was the very first use of the entire first floor. Domes were placed here to create extra spaces. The Beet washing room, where the Gassan brand presented itself, was also used for the first time as part of the event.

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