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Binnenstraat Pulppersloods
  • Stock market day at ISE 2017
  • Welcome at SugarCity
  • Festive dinner and drinks
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By creating an impressive, informal and comfortable atmosphere, guests can easily relax, feel at home and find themselves going with the flow. It is this kind of perception that make people want to mingle, start up dialogues and open up to and experience a social melting pot and a memorable event. Feel and get connected. ​WMX Events

During the Integrated Systems Europe 2017 fair, Sony organised a partner event this year. In the evening, Sony’s European partners met after a day at the fair. The goal was to create an informal atmosphere, so that everyone felt at home and this was more than successful according to the organization.

After the fair day the guests were transported by bus to SugarCity. Surprised by the industrial terrain, they did not know what to expect upon arrival. Above the entrance the Sony logo was projected. Upon arrival they were pleasantly surprised by a warm and beautifully lit cloakroom. After handing over the coats, the guests were escorted to the Pulppersloods, which was divided into 4 colours. Within the colours different regional partners sought each other out, but in the middle the group soon mixed.

In the location there were several food trucks around where fresh meals were prepared on the spot. The background music from the dj-bus enhanced the cosy atmosphere. We can look back on a very pleasant evening.

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