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SugarFactory – House rules


Welcome to SugarFactory. In order to ensure safety and a pleasant production process, several rules and regulations have been drawn up.


  • The daily norms and values apply within SugarFactory.
  • Threats, assaults and other variations of aggression, sexual harassment, racism and other forms of discrimination are not allowed.
  • Soft or hard drugs, fireworks, weapons or other dangerous objects are not allowed.
  • All cases of theft or deliberate damage to the property will be reported to the police.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the buildings of SugarCity
  • Audio and video can be recorded. Any participant, visitor and/or the Client who accesses the venue consents to the Contractor using those recordings for publicity or other marketing related purposes.
  • Employees of SugarFactory are allowed to enter the building at all times, this includes all parts of the building, including backstage.
  • The Contractor may plan site visits during building and dismantling of the production.
  • It is not permitted to take goods from the SugarFactory building, unless permission has been granted by the Venue manager, who manages the goods.
  • All notifications malfunctions and requests during production can be forwarded to venuemanager@www.sugarfactory.nl


  • Fire corridors, stairs, (emergency) exits and escape routes must be kept clear. In addition, blocking extinguishing agents and other safety devices is not allowed.
  • The Client shall use the parking facilities appointed by the Contractor.
  • The Client is obliged, if applicable, to purchase traffic controllers from the Contractor. This is at the expenses of the Client.
  • The Client is obliged to use the Contractor’s first aid, at the expenses of the Client.
  • In case of usage of water that is different than standard, the Client is responsible for a proper installation for the supply and removal of the water at own expense.
  • It is not allowed to clean the floors and walls with large amounts of water.
  • It is expected of all employees and suppliers / companies that they deal consciously and responsibly with energy, water, the environment and the surroundings.


  • The following actions are not permitted on or at the venue:
    • Suspending anything from the cable ducts
    • Making the emergency exit signs unrecognisable by masking them without permission
    • Screwing, nailing, stapling, painting, flyposting, etc. in(to) and on(to) the buildings
    • Move, adjust, or use house lighting for purposes other than illuminating the location
  • Show smoke is only permitted in consultation, a fire watch must be deployed at the expense of the Client.
  • SugarFactory is supplied with power locks. A map with electrical points is available on request.
  • The Client must submit a plan of infrastructure of the power distribution to Bazelmans A.V. no later than 10 working days before the start of the event, the electricity capacity should not be exceeded and the power supply for all parts and activities must be included.
  • Usage of an aggregate is only permitted with a written permission from the Contractor.


  • It is now allowed to:
    • Operate the platform lift without permission
    • Using confetti (snippets) or similar material
  • The use of helium balloons is permitted. Any balloons that have come loose must be removed by the Client itself.
  • Animals, including pets, are allowed if announced in consultation with SugarFactory.


  • The caterer must be in possession of a HACCP certificate, which must be notified to SugarFactory 2 weeks in advance.
  • It is not allowed to:
    • Allow visitors to bring their own food and drinks, cans or glassware
    • Fry, bake, stir-fry or roast in the building
  • Food trucks are allowed provided that the “Guidelines for the use of food trucks in an indoor location” will be pursued. This document can be requested from the Contractor.
  • It is forbidden to put garbage bags and containers outside the venue. Waste container can be requested from the Contractor.

Safety and fire

  • The Client must be familiar with the evacuation plan of the building and instruct its own personnel on how to act in case of emergency.
  • The Client is obliged to purchase (night) security from the Contractor.
  • In case of emergency, instructions from the Venue Manager, security guards and / or emergency response organization must be followed.
  • If the Client has a written permission from the contractor to attach to rafters or places stands and podiums, a permit must be requested from the municipality. This requires approval from the Building and Property Supervision.
  • The Client must provide the Contractor with a layout plan no later than 6 weeks before the start of the period of usage. See “deadline document”.
  • Gas cylinders, flammable substances and environmentally hazardous substances are prohibited in all areas.
  • All materials such as decors, cloths and so on, as well as seat plans, must be approved by the Fire Brigade and the Contractor.
  • If objects (tents, toilet trolleys, signage) are placed in public spaces, an object permit must be applied for.


  • In case of damage, it is obliged to report this to the Venue Manager immediately.
  • The management and employees of SugarFactory cannot be held responsible for any injury and / or damage incurred during a stay in and around SugarCity, unless in case of demonstrable gross negligence.
  • SugarFactory is not liable for damage to or loss of the goods stored in the cloakroom or elsewhere in the building.
  • For detailed information about liability, we would like to refer to the DVA General Terms and Conditions.

Decibel standards

SugarFactory has determined the following sound restrictions for all clients.

  • 90 dBA LAeq LAeq, 15min
  • 95 dBA LAeq, 60min
  • Peak limitation 100 dBA

Client may not exceed these noise standards.
To prevent noise nuisance to third parties, doors of the relevant room should be closed.
If these standards are exceeded, Provider or Floor Manager is entitled to stop the noise-causing activities without being liable for compensation.

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