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Detailresult Group returns to SugarCity

Holiday presentation (product presentation)

Bietenwasruimte Binnenstraat Pulppersloods
  • Plenary session, workshops & speed dates.
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At the beginning of November the holiday presentation of Dirk (November 6, 450 persons) and DekaMarkt (November 7, 350 persons) took place. During this day, new luxury products for the holidays were presented to the employees of the supermarket chain.

Where the Detailresult Group choose the Middenfabriek last time, this time the Binnenstraat, Pulppersloods and Bietenwasruimte were the setting for the annual event. The guests were welcomed in the Binnenstraat. Where Christmas trees, lights and a Beauty Mirror naturally adorned the decor. Here the guests could enjoy coffee and tea. Later the guests would return to the Binnenstraat, because here a food market was installed where all festive products were presented. Also part of the Binnenstraat was set up for the cooking demonstration of chef Julius Jaspers.

After the opening and the plenary presentation in the Pulppersloods, where a special stage was placed, various workshops took place. Workshop spaces were created along the walls of the event room. The Bietenwasruimte was used for the speed ​​dating workshop. The various rounds with workshops were followed by a plenary wrap-up and conclusion.

Again a successful visit from Detailresult Group to SugarFactory!

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