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Polestar 2 handover event

Official handover event Polestar 2

Binnenstraat Pulppersloods
  • Festive handover event Polestar 2
  • 4-day event, divided into shifts
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The desirable Polestar 2 entered the Dutch market this autumn. Polestar is the high-end, electric daughter brand of Volvo and a serious competitor of Tesla. The official handover event took place at SugarFactory!

The brand new Polestar 2

The all-electric performance fastback is sold exclusively online. During the official handover event at our factory, several hundred brand new Polestars were handed over to the new owners within four days.

Industrial backdrop

The clients handed in their old lease car, and were given an elaborate presentation about their new Polestar 2 on entering the Binnenstraat. Next, they could walk on to the huge Pulppersloods, where the new Polestars were waiting for their new owners.
The decor was minimalistic and sleek, so all attention was focused on the cars, which were set up between the industrial pillars.

Safe event

The event was fully in line with the Covid-19 safety guidelines in force, with guests being received in shifts of 20 people spread over four days.

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