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World premiere Volkswagen T-Cross

Product presentation

Bietenwasruimte Binnenstraat Middenfabriek
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On Thursday, October 25, the brand new Volkswagen T-Cross was launched at three places in the world: Shanghai, Sao Paulo and … at SugarFactory in Halfweg! Over 200 international journalists gathered in the former sugar factory for the world premiere of the compact SUV.

Grand arrival

It immediately became clear that Volkswagen wanted to make a big statement with the launch of the new T-Cross. On arrival at SugarFactory meters high T-Cross letters, inspired by the I Amsterdam letters on Museum square, had been given a spot on the parking lot. Through a special glass door, which was visible behind the letters, the guests entered the former sugar factory. In the elongated L-shape Binnenstraat and the adjacent Bietenwasruimte, where industrial pillars and the original beet centrifuges served as decor, guests were welcomed with a colourful cocktail.


After their arrival, guests were asked to take place on the stands, which were built on both sides of the Middenfabriek. What immediately struck the audience’s attention was the long LED light street, which separated the two stands. The height of the event space was also fully utilized by placing meter-high LED screens. On the screens the new brand video was played. Laser lights were scanning the room and the sound of drums announced the arrival of the first T-Cross on stage.

Volkswagen Newsroom: “Industrial charm with bare steel girders, brick walls and ceilings as high as cathedrals, all of it smelling of toil and exertion. The ideal location for someone who describes himself by saying, “I am cool!” In other words, the ideal location for the world premiere of the T-Cross.”

Product presentation

That Volkswagen pulled out all the stops for this launch became clear to the invitees straight away. During the light show, the upper part of the LED screen wall opened to show the drummers’ performance. Now the lower part of the wall opened and Ralf Brandstätter (Chief Operating Officer Volkswagen Brand), Klaus Bischoff (Head of Design Volkswagen Brand) and Andres Krüger (Head of Product Line Small) each entered the stage in a T-Cross. Each of them told their story about the T-Cross. And all were visually supported by projections on the light street, for example to demonstrate the lane assist functionality of the car.

Let me touch it!

After the presentation DJs were playing more relaxing music next door, creating a lounge-like atmosphere with street food from Asia and the Netherlands, accompanied by drinks to enjoy for the guests before returning home. The perfect ending to a spectacular show.

Images: Volkswagen press room, Dishtales via Hete Peper Catering.
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