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Large-scale product launches are possible at SugarFactory! Thanks to our industrial past, it is no problem for large vehicles and machinery to drive into the factory either. Recently, Axalta Coating Systems presented their latest automotive coating machine.

Spectacular product launch

Axalta, a US-based company that specialises in powder coatings, organised a spectacular product launch with us last summer. In the Middenfabriek, the ‘Irus Mix’ was presented to around 170 selected guests and 25 press representatives from 12 different countries.

The Irus Mix (according to Axalta, the fastest, fully automated and fully autonomous mixing system in the paint industry) was unveiled in the Middenfabriek-West, where stands were set up for the audience. After an introduction from Vice President Jim Muse, the machine was showcased with much furore. The projection screen on the stage was lifted with smoke effects and there, out of the smoke, the new coating machine appeared!

Dazzling dinner show

Following the product launch, guests were treated to a dinner show at the Middenfabriek-East. There were round tables, a stage and The FireFlies who created entertainment with a capital ‘E’ here. The course dinner was served by our preferred supplier Hot Pepper.

Organising your own product launch?

Our event location lends itself perfectly to product launches and product presentations, also on a larger scale. Not only can SugarFactory easily handle a larger event in terms of capacity, but larger products also come into their own at our venue. Even tour buses can be showcased in the factory, and there is a car lift that can be used for machinery too.

Whatever you have in mind, our team will be happy to help you!


Organise your own event

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