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Launch Jaguar’s The Pace ‐ Season One

Product presentation & after party

Bietenwasruimte Middenfabriek Binnenstraat Pulppersloods
  • 1 September: test drives Jaguar Netherlands and Dutch influencers.
  • 3 September: I‐PACE Data Drives and launch event for Dua Lipa x Jaguar collaboration, including the release of the “Want to” track.
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In September 2018 Jaguar kicked off The Pace ‐ Season One together with innovative creators, who set the pace in lifestyle culture, at SugarFactory in Amsterdam. Testdrives and a stunning performance by superstar Dua Lipa kick‐started the European programme to promote the Jaguar PACE family of cars. With the launch at the former sugar factory, the car manufacturer gives an entirely new meaning to the phenomenon ‘technology meets music’.

Music makes every driving experience unique

For the launch of The Pace ‐ Season One, Jaguar entered into a collaboration with the British/Kosovar singer‐songwriter Dua Lipa, to make music in a completely new way. Thanks to the innovative Jaguar software, the data that was collected during Dua Lipa’s drive in I‐PACE was used to create an exclusive remix of her latest track ‘Want To’. From the amount of electrical energy consumed, to the way Dua Lipa accelerated and braked, the data captured was used to influence the track; from the tempo to the arrangement and the overall feel.

Visual spectacle

The industrial elements ‐ both inside and outside ‐ and the raw appearance of the former sugar factory provided a unique decor for the world premiere. The guests were escorted into the factory past the Jaguar fleet, for a fun test drive on Jaguar’s Smart Cone activity! The international influencers, journalists and VIP guests, were able to try out the new model in the outdoor area and also got the chance to create a personalized remix. The day ended with the long‐awaited performance of Dua Lipa in the Middenfabriek. In the room hung a gigantic diamond‐shaped LED screen where cool visuals were shown. The lasers provided a real club setting too. The show could be viewed from the ground floor as well as from the first floor in the Middenfabriek. To conclude: it was a night to remember!

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