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Binnenstraat - Hackathon

Unique Elements
  • Symmetric pillar layout
  • Distinctive elongated L shape
  • Brick walls
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The Netherlands’ oldest sugar factory closed in 1992. Today, it’s an industrial event location. The Binnenstraat, one of the event spaces, was the main artery of the former sugar factory. Today it links all the different areas of the complex, and is ideal for events Its symmetrical arrangement of pillars is especially distinctive.

A hackathon is an event at which students and/or experts put their heads together to solve a specific problem within a short period.  It’s particularly suitable for tough, longstanding issues that need creative solutions, and more and more companies are using it as a business tool. We’re experienced at organising hackathons.

The factory’s authentic details provide an unusual setting, and there’s plenty of space for side events and catering. You can also combine event spaces to suit the needs of your hackathon. For example, the Binnenstraat can serve as a breakout room, temporary kitchen and entrance and/or reception area for a hackathon in the adjoining Middenfabriek or Pulppersloods. Beyond Banking organised a highly successful hackathon at SugarFactory.

VR + Facts
Maximum capacity 650 Persons


Ground floor: 900 m2


Height: 5 to 15 metres
Length: 68 metres
Width: 10 metres

  • 950-Mbit WiFi
  • Working lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Power supply
  • Heating
  • Toilets
  • Big doors allow trucks inside the building and make loading and unloading easy.
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The industrial location for your event!
8000 m2 evenementenruimte 8.000 m2 event space
capaciteit-personen up to 5.775 pax
parkeerplek-icon private parking spaces
autolift icon car lift up to 3 kiloton
wifi icon 950 mbit wifi
station icon train station <1 km

SugarFactory was the Netherlands’ oldest sugar factory, operating from 1863 to 1992 and owned by CSM Suiker. The air was full of steam, the din of cranes and other machinery, and the smell of sugarbeet.

Since 2002, it has been undergoing redevelopment by the Cobraspen Group, transforming it into a unique event location while keeping the factory itself fully intact. It incorporates all the advanced technology you’d expect from a modern event venue, but this has been done subtly and with respect for the factory’s character.

The unique décor is testimony to the former sugar factory’s industrial grandeur, and it is still making history with many memorable events.

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