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The industrial location for your event!
8000 m2 evenementenruimte 8.000 m2 event space
capaciteit-personen up to 5.775 pax
parkeerplek-icon private parking spaces
autolift icon car lift up to 3 kiloton
wifi icon 950 mbit wifi
station icon train station <1 km

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Binnenstraat Middenfabriek Pulppersloods


Binnenstraat Middenfabriek Pulppersloods

SugarFactory is a venue that connects and inspires,  ideal for a congress or conference. The industrial and historic atmosphere of the sugarfactory adds a unique touch to every conference. In addition the venue is easy to reach, very flexible and far from any dull conference room you have ever been in.

SugarFactory is able to host both large and small conferences. For example the Middenfabriek and Pulppersloods are much suitable for large gatherings for up to 1200 people while other spaces like the Turbinehall or Bietenwasruimte for workshops or breakout sessions.
Expecting visitors from all over the Netherlands or even Europe? SugarFactory is easy to reach with either public transport or by car. In addition there is a large parking space behind the venue.

SugarFactory dynamic lighting allows you to give an atmosphere to the venue that suits your type of congress. You can also make use of our partners, for both the equipment and catering for your conference. Of course this is optional, and you can choose your own partners as well.

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