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Sitting Dinner international insurance company

Sitting dinner / staff party

Middenfabriek Pulppersloods Binnenstraat
  • Bedazzling entertainment
  • Reception in the Pulppersloods
  • Sitting dinner & party in the Middenfabriek
  • Binnenstraat set up as kitchen area
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Celebrating your best performing employees is a good way to show your appreciation and a festive way to end a certain period. An international insurance company recently put its top employees in the limelight at SugarFactory with a spectacular staff party.


Factory as a canvas

Neon was the theme for this annual staff event. SugarFactory served as a (black) canvas for the employees dressed in neon, which made for a stunning effect. Entertainment was plentiful with a catwalk, various performances and even the CEO was part of a spectacular act where he ‘flew’ onto the stage. Bazelmans AV provided the audiovisual technique for this evening, an explosion of lights, contrasts and colours.

Sitting dinner

The Pulppersloods was used for the welcome reception, where there were several 3D stickers and two photo walls to make a great team photo. The main programme took place in the Middenfabriek, with an extensive seated dinner, where visitors were treated to delicacies from Hete Peper, which used the Binnenstraat as its kitchen.

International staff party          

This annual event is organised in a different country each year, and this time Amsterdam was chosen. SugarFactory is an easily accessible event location for international visitors. The visitors arrived in tour buses, which could easily park in the private car park in front of the door.

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