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SugarFactory decor for YouTube series TECHIE to promote new Albert Heijn campaign

Creative agency MAAK visited us for a production for Albert Heijn. Together with well-known Dutch vloggers, MAAK produced a YouTube series to launch the Albert Heijn savings campaign ‘Tech is too crazy’, and the related app AH Tech.

TECHIE the series

In TECHIE the series we see the collaboration between Dutch influencers and the AR animated robot. When Amy (played by YouTube’er Bibi) and Mitch (played by Vincent Visser) and their babysitter Dennis (played by Gio) spend an evening alone at home, something strange happens. They find Techie, who needs their help. When the bad Mr. G. (played by Bob Stroop) suddenly stands at their door with his accomplices, it becomes clear that the three youngsters are on slippery ice. They do everything in their power to stop Mr. G..

Recordings SugarFactory

The recordings were made using the outside space of the SugarCity site. The abandoned site of the former factory houses the hiding place of the villain. Amy, Mitch and Dennis clamber over the fences, over the dark courtyard, to search for the headquarters of Mr. G. in the Binnenstraat. By subtly illuminating the dark space along the steel arch structure, an exciting image is realized.


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