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Jubilee Rob Peetoom ‘5 Decennia Beauty’


  • Reception with champagne
  • Shared dining dinner
  • Fashion shows
  • Performances
  • Afterparty
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Rob Peetoom, the iconic hairdresser, celebrated his 50th career anniversary ‘5 Decennia Beauty’ at SugarFactory. A golden combination, as both the Rob Peetoom Academy as well as the brand new Peetoom Factory are established in SugarCity.

Over 800 guests including family, relations, employees and VIPs were invited to the spectacular jubilee party. The evening was all about beauty, fashion and entertainment. The glamour of the evening made for a good contrast with the industrial character of the old factory. The guests were dressed according to the ‘Black Tie’ dress code and received champagne upon arrival in the Binnenstraat. Highlights of Rob Peetooms life and career were shown on big screens.

For the occasion the Middenfabriek was transformed into a stylish dining room with beautifully decorated tables, where guests could enjoy an Italian dinner according to the shared dining concept, provided by Famous Flavors. The show opened with a spectacular act: from 17 meters high, a mannequin dressed in Mart Visser Couture descended to the catwalk that ran straight through the Middenfabriek. Singer Naaz gave a great performance on this festive evening full of entertainment, which was presented by Humberto Tan and Lieke van Lexmond. Music was everywhere, even in the toilet area thanks to the Dragqueen DJ’s and on the first floor guests could dance on the smashing afterparty.


As a tribute to Rob Peetoom and his impressive career, the new Bookazine was presented starring the hair-icon himself on the cover. Besides celebrating Peetooms jubilee, the event was also a good time to pass on the baton. Rochelle Peetoom (28) will be the new CEO of the hairdressing empire.

Because of the rehearsals for the evening, the entire production was set up in just half a day by the team of Rob Peetoom and parties selected by Rob Peetoom. The evening was a great success and everyone can look back on a fantastic evening that gave Rob Peetoom the credit he deserves.

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