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Staff party

  • Arrival per bus
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  • Eye catching fontain bar
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When your staff party, after being rescheduled several times, can finally take place (read: after several lockdowns), it’s time to go all out with a spectacular staff party! Croonwolter&dros recently made it happen at SugarFactory!

Worlds of Wonder in the factory

On 18 June 2022, about 2000 guests from Croonwolter&dros marvelled at the ‘Worlds of Wonder’ staff party. All employees, from construction to engineers and the office and field sales staff, were invited together with their partners or guests. The location was transformed into four different ‘worlds’ which together formed the Worlds of Wonder, based on the four main sectors in which Croonwolter&dros is active: Marine and Offshore; Infrastructure; Industry and Utilities.

A big party from start to finish

The whole day was organised down to the last detail by D&B Eventmarketing, which was responsible for the organisation of the event. Upon arrival, the guests were already festively welcomed outside by the Sign Jugglers and a DJ ensured the right mood. Once in the Binnenstraat, which was decorated with a purple carpet for the entry and later served as a lounge area, the guests were invited to the Middenfabriek for the official opening.

The large Middenfabriek was the central meeting place. There was a photobooth and a large fountain bar, around which tables and chairs were arranged. Behind the characteristic staircase in the Middenfabriek, a stage was set up with live performances by Berget Lewis and Trijntje Oosterhuis, among others. On the first floor of the Middenfabriek (Nation of Innovation), people could visit the burger bar or one of the buffet stands. The oxygen bar and VR race and flight simulators were there to relax, or to get the adrenaline going.

The Pulppersloods, dubbed the ‘Urban Jungle’ during the Worlds of Wonder event, was also dedicated to having a good time and socialising. There were several buffet stands, bars and various places to either sit down or stand at one of the many tables. Entertainment was provided by DJs from the Dames Draaien Door, among others.

Unforgettable staff party

It was a fantastic evening with lots of entertainment. Everybody experienced again what a great company CW&D is to work for. It was also a reunion of people, from all departments and especially after a recent merger, so everyone could feel in touch with the company again.

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