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Wereldpremière Jaguar The Pace – Season One at SugarFactory

Three September was a special day for a number of international influencers, DJs and other VIPs. Jaguar launched The Pace – Season One, its latest SUV series, in a very spectacular way. With the launch at SugarFactory, the car manufacturer gives a whole new meaning to the phenomenon ‘technology meets music’.

Music makes every driving experience unique

For the launch of The Pace – Season One, Jaguar partnered with British/Kosovarian singer-songwriter Dua Lipa to create music in a completely new way. Thanks to Jaguar’s innovative software, which collected data such as acceleration and amount of electrical energy used during her ride in an I-PACE, Dua Lipa has been able to create an exclusive remix of her latest track ‘Want To’.

Dua Lipa X Jaguar

The official launch of the track was only on Friday 17 September, so the guests of the Jaguar event had the premiere. The remix of ‘Want To’ was performed live for the first time between the authentic brick walls of SugarFactory. With the star’s performance during its launch on September 3, Jaguar has set a high standard for upcoming events, which will take place all over the world.

“I love to push boundaries with my music and my performances and this partnership is going to take things to an exciting new level. It’s a hi-tech project combining music and Jaguar technology, and I know my fans are going to love what we are creating together” – Dua Lipa, music artist.

Visual spectacle

The industrial elements – both inside and outside – and the raw appearance of the former sugar factory provided a special setting for the world premiere in Amsterdam. After the guests were guided into the factory via the real Jaguar car park, it was time for a short presentation. After that it was time for a test drive! The guests could try out the new model on the outside terrain and were immediately given the opportunity to create a personalized remix. The day ended in a spectacular way with the long-awaited performance of Dua Lipa in the Middle Factory. In the room hung a gigantic rhombic LED screen where cool visuals were shown. The lasers also provided a real club setting. The show could be viewed from the ground floor as well as from the first floor in the Middenfabriek. Conclusion: a night to remember!

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