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SugarFactory to ibtm world

For the team of SugarFactory 2016 was an excellent year! This dedicated team recently received the first ​international client, and it was one of a kind! In July Daimler presented the future for the whole world from the Middenfabriek. This event was the first step to the international market. To step forward on the international market SugarCity presents itself on ibtm world..


[2-12-2016] Thank you for your time!

The team of SugarFactory is back in the Netherlands. We enjoyed our time on the IBTM world and want to thank everyone who has visited us for their time and attention. See you next year!

[29-11-2016] We have started

Today we started on IBTM world. We are proud to show our presentation we have prepared in the recent months. In our new business card we show the contrast between the former sugar factory and the event venue we have become.

[22-11-2016] Only 1 week to go

Only one week to go and then we are in Barcelona! The final material comes in this week and we can’t wait to show this on our stand at the IBTM world.

[27-10-2016] Only 5 weeks to go

In five weeks we are on ibtm world. Do you come along to our stand? You recognize us by the banner showing the history and transformation of the event venue. Our account managers can’t wait to tell you more about it!

[11-10-2016] SugarCity, the capital city

SugarCity, the capital city where great events take place!
IBTM published an article in which the infrastructure and the airport of Mexico City are mentioned as strengths. Two points where SugarCity also really shines!
Located near by Schiphol, along the highway with a train station in front of the door. This ensures a good accessibility. Also the event venue of SugarCity has its private property, so safety can be ensured on the most exclusive events.

[30-9-2016] SugarCity on stand F30

Our stand number is announced! As our location in the Netherlands, you’ll find us in the center of the Holland Square. You can find us these days on stand F30.

[22-9-2016] Historisch archief

Last week we looked for historical imagery of the old sugarfactory. We looked in the national archives and found the most beautiful pictures en newspaper clippings. Also we found a website with history of Halfweg, the place between Amsterdam and Haarlem. Here’s a preview of the pictures we found, the rest we would like to show you on ibtm world in Barcelona.

[12-9-2016] ibtm blog

The coming time there will be a lot to tell about de participation of SugarFactory on ibtm world. Therefore we start a small blog where you can read about the lasts updates. So, keep an eye on us!

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