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MPI comes to SugarCity

After fifteen editions MPI changed ‘NL Conference’ to ‘Content’. The annual event and flagship of MPI Netherlands Chapter goes on with a new name. This new concept needs a inspiring location! That’s why there is chosen for SugarCity, because our location fits perfectly with this new Content event of MPI.

Content describes itself:​
On the web, on television and in numerous other places in contemporary life , we decide what we get information to us. We are looking for content and content that adds something : relevance, information, entertainment. But strangely enough events are still too often a place where the content is determined for us, and participants receive a program presented . Choose content or changing the program can not .

The Content team is going to change this. Content is at 75 % of each sold ticket issued to content. We go back to basics , looking for relevance and break with conventions. Get rid of anything that distracts from the content. From registration to drink …. you decide !

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