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Disrupting the Current with Five Prestigious 2024 Global Eventex Awards: ‘Project Playground: 23 Choices’

Amid COVID-19, Project Playground emerged, uniting event industry leaders to innovate amidst adversity. In 2023, they reconvened for ’23 Choices’, centered around three major themes to be highlighted at the event: Diversion & Inclusion, Sustainability, and Technology & Innovation. On Tuesday 29 August 2023, 270 event professionals were hosted at SugarFactory.


Project Playground: 23 Choices was more than just an experience; it was a networking extravaganza with a dual purpose. Organised by these five big names from the industry, Boozed, Hete Peper, Plugged Live Shows, The Fireflies, Bazelmans AV and SugarFactory, they aimed to connect with the audience for both new and recurring business opportunities all the while showcasing their offerings centered around the three major themes.

The event featured distinct segments like The Maze, Breakout Sessions, and Networking Drinks, offering entertainment, innovation, and thought-provoking presentations. At the core of this immersive experience was the idea that personal choices would shape each guest’s day. For example, upon entering the venue, each guest was offered a mask, which they (preferably) had to wear throughout the entire first segment of the event, called ‘The Maze of Choices’

What’s notable is the courage of the five organising parties to tackle sensitive topics in unconventional formats, evoking both praise and criticism.

Project Playground: 23 Choices received acclaim in five categories in the 2024 Global Eventex Awards, emerging as the winners on Tuesday, 7 May 2024 in the following:

  • Immersive Experience – Gold
  • Partner Engagement Event – Gold
  • Kick-A** Experience – Silver
  • Experiential Event – Silver
  • Positive Change Event- Bronze

“As a B Corp, we’re especially proud of the three important themes Project Playground visualised: sustainability, inclusion and innovation. By bringing these to life in a non-profit, kick a** experience, wecreated a ripple effect of positive change in the event industry. And collaborating on this with talented partners worked as a multiplier for the successful outcome of the event!” Kim de Ridder, Creative Director at Boozed Experience Creators mentioned.

John Linssen, Sales Manager at SugarFactory, remarked, “There was an urgent need to reignite the event industry’s spirit after the pandemic. That’s when this distinctive and memorable event was born – to showcase our resilience and readiness to take the industry by storm alongside our treasured preferred partners. We really wanted to disrupt the current, emphasizing Project Playground’s aspiration to provoke dialogue around pressing industry issues such as challenging one’s beliefs.”

Nick Frinking, Operations Manager and Martijn van Riel, Sales Manager at Bazelmans AV on the awards: “An aspect we, as Bazelmans AV, are proud of is the way how we were able to help all the different partners to integrate audio visual equipment in their part of the event. This was all to enhance the message and experience for the audience. Besides this, working together with these great partners made the event a success. In our opinion, this is the reason Project Playground was nominated within five categories.”

“We’re still looking back on Project Playground with good memories and are incredibly grateful for the effort and dedication all our partners have contributed into making it an Eventex Award Winning Event!” comments Carola Meijer, Brand Ambassador from Hete Peper.

“Winning an award means a lot.” says Mendel Tuinder, Brand Manager for both Plugged Live Shows and The Fireflies. “All partners have put in their own hours and paid for this event from their own pocket. To be rewarded with five awards is a fitting recognition for the combined effort we all put in and we believe it will most definitely lead to more brand awareness, both nationally and internationally.”

About the Awards

Founded in 2009 to celebrate creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in the industry, Eventex Global Awards has become a symbol of high achievement and excellence in the world of events. The winners for 2024 were chosen amongst 1207 entries from 62 countries worldwide.

More about the strategic partners:

Thanking the sponsors

Applauding the precious sponsors, including Momice, Van Straalen, Planted en Decoraties, Liberate ’96, Tim van Etten, Floris Heuer, Van der Kroft Events, Supa-Dupa, More2Safety, Better Future, Stage & Drapes Support, Fulin Robots, and Amsterdam The Style Outlets, along with everyone involved who turned this creative dream into a reality.

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