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Annual 2016

SugarFactory looks back on 2016!
Last year, SugarFactory may facilitate many wonderful events. From congress to business event and from video shoot to photo shoot. The new showreel gives an overview of the events that took place in 2016. Meanwhile we are already looking forward to many new productions.

See the showreel above to get a good impression of the events in 2016.

Improved facilities at SugarFactory

The event location of SugarCity is developing rapidly since the start in 2014. We work constantly to professionalize the location and optimize the facilities of SugarFactory. We look back with pride on the developments that have taken place over the past year.

Hot and acoustic

One of the developments that we are very proud of is the new roof of the Middenfabriek. The new roof has many advantages, including the optimization of the heating. The roof insulation keeps the heat in better and less heating is nessesary during events. In addition, the insulating roof panels provide improved acoustics in the venue and outside noises are less present. An additional advantage is the permanent darkening, which positively affected the video projection.
Knowing more? Read the press release.

Fiberglass internet

The speed of the internet has improved. The advent of fiberglass we are now confident of stable internet and more capacity! By professional WiFi network in the location, guests can make unlimited use of the best internet.

LED & rigging

A year ago, AV specialist Bazelmans started the installation of standard LED lighting and rigging in the location. After its completion in April 2016 the location is always in the spotlight and no lights have to be installed to illuminate decor and details.

Another floor?!

During 2017 we will include an entire new floor in our offer. We’re still working on the 3rd floor, where two large sub-areas will be available in the future overlooking the characteristic atrium. In a next phase, the 3rd floor will also be reached by a passenger elevator.

For the development we use as many original materials. This preserves the original appearance of the former factory in the event venue, and does not waste historical material. Although the event location is ready, we continue to improve and we will listen to the feedback from our guests.

Organise your own event

Our site is the perfect venue for your event. Feel free to contact us for ideas and suggestions.

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