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These are the catering trends for corporate events in 2018

An event is only really successful when visitors have had a good meal and a drink. And besides being delicious, it has to be beautiful, because today, more than ever, the public is busy with food and a beautiful presentation of it. That’s why we’ve listed the 2018 food catering trends for you.

Classics in the mix

An important trend this year are classic, nostalgic dishes with a modern twist. When it comes to food, some items never really get out of fashion. The hamburger, for example, is not. But this year with a hip and preferably healthy topping. Another trend is buffets out and small dishes in it. More courses and variation and therefore more chance to try something new. So go for the mini version of that burger.

Innovative cocktail recipes

More and more restaurants serve matching cocktails with their dishes. This interplay between snack and drink will also be seen at events. We are fans, because cocktails can perfectly reflect the theme of the event or the season. 91% of the bartenders also indicate that they will use vegetables in their cocktails and not only as garnish. Non-traditional vegetables such as carrot, pumpkin, radish and green beans will be chosen.

Flower bouquet on your plate

Flowers no longer only serve to decorate an event, but also end up on your plate. A dish decorated with edible flowers is an instant work of art, and when well combined tastes like lavender, elderflower and orange blossom really delicious. Trust us!

Vegetarian & vegan event catering

Consumers are increasingly interested in healthy food. And what is the impact on the environment? Vegetable cuisine is therefore gaining in popularity. When composing your menu, don’t forget vegetarians, vegans and other food alternatives. Meat substitutes and ingredients and dishes from the Middle East are favourites. From falafel and hummus to vegetable kebab and tikka masala shrimp.

Creative event catering

As we have already pointed out, the presentation is just as important. Cooking programmes on television and beautiful Instagram feeds are just as important for consumers. How about soup in test tubes, a wall of donuts, falafel in a rice basket or wooden boxes for the mini burgers? Just as if it were supervisors from the local market. Our caterers like to think along with you.

Catering SugarFactory

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