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Staff parties in autumn and winter

The days are shortening and we’re searching for cosiness indoors again. This is the perfect time to think about a staff party! Towards the end of the year, there are more than enough reasons to put your staff in the spotlights. This token of appreciation is often the essence of a staff party, a celebration that everyone remembers and looks back on for a long time.


The first opportunity you can seize is not yet very well known in the Netherlands, but that might make it all the more fun and original. We’re referring to the spookiest celebration of the year: Halloween!

For various reasons, Halloween lends itself perfectly for a successful staff party.

  1. Everyone is dressed up – which means that everyone may have to step out of their comfort zone, but it also creates a connection and undoubtedly a lot of fun!
  2. No complicated themes or worrying about how to decorate. Scary, scarier, scariest is all you need to do and within that you can go as wild as you like.
  3. At the same time, everyone who attends is already part of the decoration. If everyone in the organisation is dressed up, that of course makes for a terrific sight!
  4. Just before the hustle and bustle of Christmas. At the end of October, no one (we think) is throwing a Christmas party yet. This gives you more choice of cool locations! Also, that way you can choose to celebrate the busy month of December in a more relaxed way. The last things that need to be arranged before the end of the year, people often take days off in December; it can be quite hectic.


Despite the fact that we mentioned above the advantages of a Halloween party compared to a Christmas party, we cannot ignore that it’s probably the most universally popular staff-party-moment of the year! December is and remains a festive season and a good Christmas party is an all time favourite. The possibilities are endless and you can organise your Christmas party however you like and in a way that best suits your company. Here are a few examples:

  1. Sitting dinner: A classic way of organising a Christmas party is to treat your staff to a sumptuous dinner at a unique location, with or without entertainment.
  2. Christmas party: you can go either way, do you prefer a smashing, all-out Christmas party like they do over in Britain, with a karaoke booth, photobooth and dance floor, or perhaps you’d prefer something more modest and stylish, with delicious catering and a great band?


New Year’s party

Do you want to leave the often already packed Christmas period for what it is and celebrate the new year as an organisation? Then a nice New Year’s party is an excellent opportunity to thank your staff for the past year and at the same time start the new year on a happy note!

Inspiring ideas during a New Year’s party can be:

  1. Award show: reward your staff for their efforts and motivate them during the year by organising an awards ceremony at the New Year’s party! Who generated the most turnover, who excelled in collegiality, etc.?
  2. Present your goals, mission or new products/services to your employees at a New Year’s party. When you do this at the beginning and end it with a smashing party, you set the right tone for the coming year.
  3. Get everyone to work together and strengthen the group spirit in a fun way with a teambuilding event. A game element is often leading here, but a joint workshop is also a fun idea. Or step into the virtual world with a VR-experience. Anything is possible!

At SugarFactory, you are guaranteed to organise a unique staff party. The location is easily accessible, including public transport and parking is available on site. Want to know more about organising a staff party at SugarFactory? Our team can tell you everything about our location and how to organise an unforgettable staff party here. Contact us, or get inspired by our cases and see what other companies did!


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