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Tips for organising a sustainable event

When it comes to sustainability, more and more people are making conscious choices. Green alternatives are being sought in order to contribute to a better world. The MICE sector has not been idle when it comes to sustainability.

The demand for sustainable events is increasing and changing the way eventplanners and organisations approach events. Event planners and entrepreneurs are combining innovative ideas to organise circular events.  From green energy, vega(n) food trucks to recycling: the possibilities are endless. We would like to inspire you with these 4 tips to make your next event more sustainable!

1. Think circular & avoid waste

There are 5 ways to reduce your waste production and make more sustainable choices. These are indicated with the 5 R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. They will serve as a guideline when organising your sustainable event. Evaluate any unnecessary products and materials and see how you can leave them out, reduce and/or reuse them.

2. Choose a sustainable event location

As an event organiser you can contribute by choosing a sustainable event venue. Consider the type of location and the materials used: is it energy efficient, do they use second-hand and/or sustainable materials? Is the waste separated? In addition, it is important to know whether the location is easily accessible by public transport so as to reduce the use of cars.

SugarFactory, for example, is an event location that was formerly a sugar factory. This beautiful piece of industrial heritage has been transformed into a popular location for versatile events, where as much material as possible has been reused. SugarFactory also has a train station right in front of the door, with direct connections between Amsterdam and Haarlem.

3. Make a difference with catering

Create impact with food! Both on the visitor and on the environment. More than half of the Dutch population is flexitarian. They are consciously making sustainable and healthy food choices. Did you know that no less than 15,500 litres of water are needed to produce 1 kilo of beef? It is therefore a logical and responsible step to offer alternative options. Vegetarian creations are on the rise, but insects are also on the menu more often.

At SugarFactory we like to work with preferred suppliers such as caterers Hete Peper and Mood4Food, who like to work as local and sustainable as possible. Not only do they pay attention to the food itself, but also to a ‘no or low-waste’ purchasing policy and the separation of waste.

From 2024 onwards, the use of disposable cups and cutlery is no longer permitted. We are already seeing events opting more often for exchangeable cups or glass. And what about this playful solution – like the one we saw at Project Playground – which also looks cool with recycled soda cans? Creative and circular!

4. Consciously select your sustainable goodies

A nice souvenir of the event often results in a goodie bag. Often these are hardly used after the event. A great pity and a great waste of goodies! Do you still want to go for a goodie bag? Think about the quality, durability and usefulness of what you’re giving away. With this in mind, there is a good chance that the goodies will not only be appreciated, but will also last a long time. And remember: less is more.

The possibilities at SugarFactory

Would you also like to organise a more sustainable event? As you just read, there are many aspects of an event that you can make sustainable with simple steps. From catering and goodies to the location. At SugarFactory, we also attach great importance to making sustainable choices. For example, we recently carried out a renovation to better regulate the heat in the factory in order to save energy. Are you curious what else our event location has to offer? Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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