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A day at SugarFactory

Since 2000, the SugarCity site in Halfweg is being developed into a new, lively area. The former sugar factory from 1863 has since been transformed into an impressive, industrial event location. The original character has been preserved but is updated with modern facilities such as a car lift and sustainable LED lighting. The most spectacular events have been organized here for over five years now. Curious what it’s like to work at SugarCity Events? We describe a day at SugarCity Events!   

A request arrives

After a short walk from the station across the street you arrive at work. You open your email and see a new request in your inbox. It appears to be a well-known Dutch bank that wants to organize a big staff party and they’re looking for a suitable location. They still have a few critical questions but you can convince them of the charm of the old sugar factory. You know that almost anything is possible and you have the right connections to realize this. You plan a tour with the client. Fortunately they’re impressed by the industrial location and you receive a “go” to schedule the event!

Spot on

The customer does not have his own catering and decorator, but luckily you know a few with which SugarFactory has worked succesfully before. A caterer who can make the most delicious Italian snacks and  a decorator of who you know can turn the large Middenfabriek hall into an intimate and festive area would be perfect for your client. After the layout and floor plan have been made, you assess whether it meets the fire safety requirements and if the environmental permits are in order. The client wants to place a few fairground attractions on the grounds outside. You inform the municipality about this and prepare a letter to inform immediate residents.

A successful event

Thanks to your social skills, customer-oriented yet commercial attitude, customers walk away with you and you know how to make something beautiful out of every event! When you get to see the pictures of the event which around 1000 guests attended, you look back with the team on a successful event. You send the photos and a small summary to the marketing department, so that this event can also be added to the impressive portfolio.


Organise your own event

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