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Click. 2023 by Booking.com

Partner event

Middenfabriek Binnenstraat Pulppersloods Bietenwasruimte
  • Two-day conference
  • Booking.com partners & management
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Booking.com organised the two-day partner conference ‘Click’ at SugarFactory from 18 to 24 March, sharing knowledge with partners from around the world. It was the third time that Click. was held at SugarFactory.

Booking.com’s annual partner conference Click. 2023 took place in both Amsterdam and Miami. Partners and top management of Booking.com shared insights from the past year and predictions for the year ahead during the event.

The Middenfabriek served as the central meeting space with roundtable workshops, breakout sessions and mainstage plenary for over 800 attendees. Those who could use a snack visited one of several ‘Superettes’. In these unmanned supermarkets, visitors chose their own snacks and drinks. Those with more of an appetite visited one of the food stands.

The Pulppersloods was divided into four sections for panel discussions and masterclasses. Each section was themed to suit a different audience sector and content.

The various Bietenwasruimtes were used as break-out and networking spaces.

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