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SugarFactory is buzzing with brand new energy

From various positions at ING to creating concepts and events through her own company. Right at the start of the conversation, it becomes clear that Sabine Fredriks, a new director at SugarFactory, is full of resourcefulness and what you’d call a go-getter. Even more striking is how high her level of enthusiasm is for the events industry, for her new job, and life in general. We would like to introduce you to this lively lady in charge and her creative brain full of ideas.

During our interview, Sabine has only been at SugarFactory for six weeks. However, the number of plans already on the table makes you suspect that this period must be longer. Sabine has big plans for her SugarFactory of the future and her ambitions are coupled with a healthy dose of enthusiasm – you can’t get past that! Sabine: ‘I’ve had several great jobs, but this really is a dream job. It feels like it was written in the stars. I have always had a passion for events and have always loved SugarFactory as a venue. So many different aspects come together in this job and there are so many great opportunities – which is really nice I must say.

Looking ahead

For those who have not yet had the chance to get to know SugarFactory: this former sugar factory on the outskirts of Amsterdam impresses with dazzling high ceilings and many industrial details. Sabine: ‘It is a fantastic location with loads of potential! I would very much like to further expand the pallet of services. So that we are not ‘just a venue’, but can also offer everything around it, while still working together with event agencies. We have simply entered a next-level phase.’

Creative ideas in abundance

In two weeks’ time, Sabine will bring her new team together for their first brainstorming session. It should then become clear where the focus will be and which of the hundreds of ideas will be implemented. Sabine: ‘We’re at the start of a new chapter. Over the next few years, we will be expanding our location here further and that will offer new possibilities. Of course, we will prepare for this in every way. I see our growth in the coming years in at least three categories: renting out our venue, concept creation and the production of events, where we definitely want to continue working with experts in that field. Finally, I also imagine us creating our own events. For instance, events around special moments, beautiful cultural parties or events around film, theatre, stand-up comedy and sports. But also working together with local businesses to increase community building. And of course as a venue for cool music and entertainment events. Or even something for my generation of party-goers and revive the Roxy for an evening! There are so many wonderful events to think of and create. Plenty to shape into something that says ‘SugarFactory’ in the near future!’

Bar of soap

It’s obvious that Sabine has found her calling at SugarFactory. Sabine: ‘So far, every day just keeps getting more fun, I can see myself working here for another twenty years. It’s a fantastic place with an enthusiastic team and plenty of leeway for new things. Which is great, because my head is always overflowing with ideas. I am one of those people with a notebook by their bedside. The person who appointed me described it in a very amusing and evocative way. He said, ‘You’re like a bar of soap shooting in all directions with all kinds of ideas, and every now and then you just need to go back into that soap dish’. I’m very much in my element here.

Text: Bianca Hidajat, Events.nl
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