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New: Lifting platform at Middenfabriek

This summer, a modern lifting platform was installed at SugarCity. With a maximum bearing capacity of 3,000 kilos, the lift is perfect for use in car presentations. The lifting platform can be used to transport cars to all floors of the Middenfabriek where they can steal the show. For more information about the car lift and how it can play a role in your event, please contact SugarFactory by sending an email to info@www.sugarfactory.nl.

Writing about the unique element of the venue, Greater Venues wrote:
‘You’d expect to be able to drive a car into SugarFactory’ immense industrial venues, but what makes the venue unique in its field is the lifting platform that was installed this summer. The lift can be used to transport a range of heavy objects such as cars to all floors of the venue. The lift was converted especially for SugarCity – they don’t normally lift higher than 10 metres. The lifting platform itself measures 5.60 x 3 metres and can support objects weighing up to 3,000 kilos.

If you would like to read the whole article (in Dutch), head over to the Greater Venues website.

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