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Covershoot Vogue with top artist Anouk at SugarFactory

Last June Hearst Media Netherlands visited the SugarFactory for the cover shoot for the October issue with Anouk. And Anouk wasn’t alone, her whole family was with her!

On the cover of the October song of Vogue Netherlands is Dutch pride Anouk with her entire family. The singer shines next to her great love Dominique and her six children Benjahmin Kingsley, Elijah Jeremiah, Phoenix Ray, Jesiah Dox, Sion Jethroe and Jelizah Rose. For the first time and exclusively for Vogue together in front of Marc de Groot’s camera, at SugarFactory!

The October issue is dedicated to pioneers, love stories and following your own path. The former sugar factory turned out to be the perfect location for this self-willed photo shoot. The SugarFactory outdoor area was transformed into a colourful basketball court and the Binnenstraat was used for the bed scene. In the video Vogue gives you a look behind the scenes.

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