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Live and club music tips by our programmers Ilana and Maralina

In the spring of 2018, there are a notable amount of female DJ’s, bands and solo artists on the stage of Sugarfactory. The male-to-female ratio of our live and club programs is well balanced and we are really proud of it. Our programmers Ilana and Maralina would like to introduce some of these female heroes to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Live programmer Ilana suggests:

L.A. Witch
“What’s not to like about this band? As soon as I start the song “untitled” I get visions of a pick-up truck driving through California. A lively mix of Garage rock, dark blues, eighties shoegaze and nineties underground rock.”

Lucy Dacus
“I first heard of Lucy Dacus on the line-up of SXSW and I fell in love instantaneously. Her lyrics take you to uncertainties you didn’t even know you had, but always in a sort of light-hearted comical way. ‘Night shift’ off of her new album is one of the best break-up songs of all time. I’m really looking forward to welcoming Lucy at the Sugarfactory.”

Katie von Schleicher
“There are some albums that give a nostalgic vibe, which make them work like a kind of soundtrack. ‘Shitty Hits’ is one that you can easily listen to a hundred times while on a train. Grainy voice, but at the same time a sunny 70’s feel. If you like artists like PJ Harvey and Aldous Harding you should definitely check out Katies’ music.”

Club programmer Maralina suggests:

Julia Govor
“Julia caught my attention with the Fabric podcast she released three months ago and I instantly fell in love. I wanted to offer her a good platform to show her talent because we feel that she’s underexposed in Amsterdam’s nightlife. Even more special, we have decided to let her curate the entire night on the 30th of March.”

“I’ve liked Volvox’s sound for a while now. It’s new and refreshing, and a great representation of the sound of now. Beside that I followed her in the Discwoman movement, who aim to push female artists onto the front of the music scene. We welcome her on the 7th of April. For this occasion she has curated an all-female line-up for us starring Bloody Mary from Berlin and Amsterdam’s own Rebelle”

Mor Elian
“The legendary record label Hypercolour will take over the Sugarfactory In May, where Mor Elian will play. I picked her because she is also an artist who has a special sound, which is underrepresented in the scene. She can get really experimental but never looses her warmth and danceability, which women are really good at in my opinion.”

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