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Interview: Bas Dobbelaer, Lucky Done Gone & Will Oirson

Good things come in threes: three friends – the parts – three tracks. Will Oirson, Lucky Done Gone en Bas Dobbelaer are playing all-night-long in Sugar Factory this Saturday, which is quite special. When the talented dj’s debuted the concept of playing together, the Woodstock69 beach was packed. This Saturday they will play one of those occasional all-nighters at the Lijnbaansgracht.

We sat down with the guys and asked them: “What’s the plan?”


The beginning
For Bas, it was an easy choice: Summer’s Pub needs to be played somewhere in the beginning of the night. “A long track that you’ll want to last forever. There are not many tracks that really capture the feeling of an opening.” Says Bas. “But for me, Pub succeeds in this particular mission.” Summer is a track that will surprise you on all fronts.

Lucky Done Gone (aka Gijs) also made up his mind quite fast. “A2’s Prins Thomas is my winner!” This Track creates a beautiful vibe that, for Gijs, beautifully sets the vibe at the beginning of the night. “These percussions always ask for more!”

And last but not least, our resident Will Oirson (aka Willem). Willem is a “sucker” for emotional pads, which is why he chose Solar Panel’s Linkwood to play somewhere in the beginning of the night. “With the percussion sequence and fine panning effects, this is one my favourite opening tracks!”


The middle
When the night evolves, there’s going to be a switch to a more energetic atmosphere. Bring on the groove!

For the second part of the night, Bas highlights Valentino Mora’s Trans Format. “Valentio was in Sugar Factory, just a month ago, but I decided to bring him back once more.” With trippy delays, continuous change in sequence and with a constant groove Trans Format is not a very obtrusive track, but perfectly crafted for the moment.

Gijs says he is always looking for a drive or a groove that works with the vibe of the night.  Funk De Fino’s Gypsy is perfect for this. “This track has found the perfect balance between high energy and humbleness that you can perfectly use to give the night some character.”

Willem explains his believe in Percussion, to get the crowd moving. “Dorisburg’s remix of Baaz’ track Endori contains every element to get things going: a driving bassline, a strong rhythmic selection and the right amount of modesty.”


The end
Sadly, everything good must come to an end.

Bas forwards Overmono’s iii’s to be one of his last tracks. “This one is guaranteed to wake you up and its warmth will make you forget all about the world outside.”

Gijs loves a good throwback to the 90’s and surprises us all by playing Luv Dubs’ Rollo Goes Camping remix. “This one will reach deep into your soul and will grab your last bit of energy. You’ll never want this record to end!”

To end a night with a high energy level Willem often looks at the UK. “The devastating subs by most English artists can give a dance floor exactly the energy it needs at the end of the night. This track is a bit less hard than Hodge’s other works, but that is why it’s perfect for a bigger crowd.


This upcoming Saturday, December 8th, Lucky Done Gone, Bas Dobbelaer and Will Oirson will play together on one stage at Sugar Factory. Pre-sale tickets are €10,-. Get them while they’re hot at bit.ly/2PVqIfm

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