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5x new live-acts in Sugarfactory

Last week, Sugarfactory confirmed five new live acts! English singer-songwriter Keir’s soulful indie-pop will fill our small hall in January. In the months that follow, 7-headed party band Ten-Hut will release their new EP, singer-songwriter Carmody from London will perform, Lucy Dacus’ only Dutch show will take place and Katie von Schleicher finds her way to our small hall as well. More information below. 

Keir – 18 January
In his 23 years, singer and songwriter Keir can’t recall a time when music wasn’t at the centre of his life. His EP is  brand new slice of eclectic pop that comes from a love of Patti Smith, Bowie and Debbie Harry; crafting a unique sound with a voice that sets him apart from the noise.
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Ten-Hut – 17 February
Funky sounds, popping Arabic grooves, swirling solo’s and a festive horn section: the 7-headed party band Ten-Hut has the whole package to make their audience go through the roof.
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Carmody – 17 April
Carmody is a singer-songwriter from South-East London whose candid lyrics tell stories that weave into distinct melodies, somewhere between folk and pop.
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Lucy Dacus – 4 May
Lucy Dacus’ album ‘No Burden’ is full of surprises—sharp lyrical observations, playful turns of musical phrase, hooks that’ll embed themselves in your frontal lobe for days.
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Katie von Schleicher – 14 May
Overheated vocals, distorted drums and unwieldy, pushing guitars are characteristic for Katie Von Schleicher’s warped and uncompromising sound. Supported by her enchanting vocals, the melodies will chase you to the edges of your psyche.
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