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Fri 08.12

Steak Number Eight vs. Brutus

grunge, punk, sludge, postmetal

For fans of: Pelican, DOOL, Amenra

Time schedule:
20:00 doors
20:40 Brutus
22:00 Steak Number Eight

Steak Number Eight (BE)
This sludge and post-metal powerhouse has been inflicting their unique brand of sonic terrorism since they released their debut EP back in 2008. Two years ago from now, Steak Number Eight presented their third album titled ‘Kosmokoma’, an eleven song behemoth that clocks in just over an hour and seven minutes. It’s where hope meets desperation, where light meets darkness, where beauty meets ugliness is where we find our truest selves. Explore your subconscious and let yourself drown in the sounds of Steak Number Eight. Destroy. And rebuild. Forever.
> Listen here

Brutus (BE)
Brutus are a meteor shower of sound. This trio from Leuven, Belgium create expansive, stratospheric punk quite unlike any other band around. Here the searing, soaring guitars of shoegaze are amped up to hardcore punk speed, drums gallop like wild horses over open larval planes and drumming singer Stefanie Mannaerts offers some of the most impassioned vocals heard in recent times, capable of shifting from deceptively melodic to out-right larynx-punishing in the blink of an eye. All of this is detectible on their debut album ‘Burst’, which was released in February 2017.
> Listen here

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