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Ryan O’Reilly

Support: Bixby

Singer-songwriter, pop

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21:00 Ryan O’Reilly
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Ryan O’Reilly and his band have been on the road for the best part of a decade. Honing their craft on the streets and in the bars of North America and Europe, in the process they’ve earned and lost band members, money and court cases, bruised and broken bones, instruments and relationships. Inspired by Joe Strummer, Dylan and Gillian Welch, O’Reilly’s music has a widescreen ambience that nods to Americana, Irish Folk and Heartland Rock, lyrically exploring every nuance of a life well-travelled.

‘Northern Lights’, the title track from his forthcoming ‘Northern Lights EP’ sees O’Reilly survey the dualities present in our relationship with people and places.
O’Reilly delves into the balance of reality versus fantasy, from a relationship where the future plans outweigh the relationship itself, to the serene appearance of Oslo undermined by the scars that remained from the 2011 terrorist bombings.

Born in England to Irish parents, Ryan’s musical career started aged 10 when his father thrust a guitar into his hands declaring “you’re never going to impress anyone with your looks or your charm so you’d better get good at this”. Eight years later, O’Reilly left school and set out on a journey that began amongst a thriving music scene in Toronto. Playing open-mics in the music bars along College Street, Ryan met future song-writing partner Tyler Kyte (Sweet Thing, Dwayne Gretzky) initiating a decade of trans-Atlantic song-writing. Later, a lucrative busking pitch on London’s famous Portobello Road street market inadvertently sparked a pan-European tour that has no signs of stopping soon.

From Lisbon to Oslo, Napoli to Berlin and Toronto to London, Ryan O’Reilly and Tyler Kyte along with David Granshaw (multi-instrumentalist and producer from the Isle of Wight) have travelled wherever people who loved their music invited them to go, performing in bars, town squares, markets and the occasional front room. Now recording a new album in the UK and with an ever growing fan-base burgeoning across Europe and North America, 2015 looks like it’s is going to be big one for Ryan O’Reilly.

Support: Bixby

Bixby is an Amsterdam-based musical collective formed around singer/songwriterSimone van Vugt. Inspired by artists such as The Veils, Laura Marling, Daughter and The National, Van Vugt combines dreamy pop songs with an occasional roaring outburst and folky influences. She contemplates the ongoing battle between head and heart, having to leave the confines of adolescence and move towards adulthood

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