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Wed 11.04


Line-up: Loraine, Jimmy Hadders, Mango Zabba

funkrock, 80's rock, triprock

PACT+ presents: Rockin’Roulette. Three final presentations by two guitarists and one singer, who will perform with their own bands. Genres: funk rock, 80’s rock and trip rock.

Uplifting Amsterdam-based band Loraine draws influences from funk music and combines it with catchy soul and rock elements. Above all, they are fronted by a powerhouse singer that’ll blow you away!

Jimmy Hadders
During his quest through music’s genres, Jimmy Hadders came across glam rock and became infatuated with it. From that moment, he decided to make his own version of this eighties sound, resulting in songs such as Touch and Leave Me Alone.

Mango Zabba
Mango Zabba is a four-piece trip-rock band from Utrecht. Inspired by bands such as The Butthole Surfers, Tame Impale, The Doors and Queens of the Stone Age, they bring you a slightly weird but unique sound, best to be described as an explosive mix of psychedelic influences and rock music.

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