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vr 22.09

Project Sugar

Michel de Hey, Serge, Cesan Bucek, Thara Bergen, Stefan Kuipers

House, Techno

This month we have a special edition for you, and its on a FRIDAY!

Our resdidents have rocked the Sugarfactory all summer, and it is time to stir things up a little once again.
Not only is our beloved last Thursday of the month in the past, this Friday edition is one off. After ADE we will have some more news and updates for you all!

THIS MONTH we have got a couple of Dutch legends joining us in the DJ booth, Michel de Hey & Serge Clone! These two Rotterdam based heavywieghts need little introduction, as one has the clone.nl empire at his feet and the other has helped shape the dance music scene in Rotterdam, needles to say the music will speak for itself. Michel will be celebrating his birthday so be sure not to miss this, it is undoubtedly going to be a madhouse!

▶ Michel de Hey
▶ Serge
▶ Cesan Bucek
▶ Thara Bergen
▶ Stefan Kuipers

Doors open at midnight, no one leaves till 5!

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