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Sat 03.02

Other Futures: Anadolu Ekspres

iNSANLAR, BaBa Zula, Grup Ses, a.o.

Turkse psychedelica, disco en house

with BaBa Zula, iNSANLAR and Grup Ses: psychedelic disco & future house

Let’s dance ourselves into other futures during the second day of our festival in Melkweg and Sugarfactory. Join us from 9 pm for our exciting night program in Sugarfactory where we’ll kick-off with iNSANLAR, a band from Istanbul with a variable line-up, founded by DJ Barış K and saz player Cem Yıldız. BaBa Zula will present psychedelic music from Istanbul, mixing tradition with electronics and reggae. And Anadolu Ekspres will fill the night with Turkish folk, Persian psych, Anatolian disco and futuristic Turkish visual culture.

LINE UP // iNSANLAR, BaBa Zula & Anadolu Ekspres // Grup Ses (TR), Osdorp Tapes, Haylayf DJ & D.J. Klapsalon
iNSANLAR – During Other Futures, percussionist Sinan Tansal and drummer Alican Tezer will be part of the collective. iNSANLAR mixes Anatolian pop, slo-mo disco, acid, dub, psychedelia and punk with verses by the 17th century Turkish poet Kul Nesîmî and spiritual concepts from Sufism.

BaBa Zula – The high sound of the electronic saz, a string instrument, is typical of the band, along with the darbuka drum, the Gypsy jazz clarinet from Gypsy jazz and the wooden spoons used in shamanistic rituals. BaBa ZuLa’s performances are audiovisual spectacles in a theatrical setting that includes (belly) dancing, costumes, poetry and live drawing.

Grup Ses is an Istanbul-based producer and DJ who started the #AwesomeTapesFromTurkey-project, and collects all kinds of obscure Turkish cassette tapes from the 80s and 90s. During Other Futures he will play his first ever tape-only set, filled with with obscure new-beat, rap, electro and disco.

Other Futures Festival is a three-day multidisciplinary festival and the first-ever non-Western science fiction festival in the world. Three days and nights of music, screenings, performances, readings, keynotes, debates, masterclasses and unexpected encounters with the works and their makers. In this first edition of the festival the themes will include decolonized futures, queer futures, resistant futures, indigenous futures, your futures, our futures. Other Futures will show different perspectives on the future through the lens of non-Western thinkers and builders.


The Sugarfactory  program is accessible for Other Futures passe-partout and day ticket holders (also valid in Melkweg).
Want to buy a separate ticket for the night in Sugarfactory?

These are your options:

Valid from 21:00 – 06:00 (if you want to catch BaBa Zula and iNSANLAR)
Evening & night ticket earlybird – until 22 dec: € 19,- (incl. service fee) – SOLD OUT
Evening & night ticket presale/door – after 22 dec: € 21,50 (incl. service fee)

Valid from 00:00 – 06:00
Ticket club night earlybird – until 22 dec: € 14,- (incl. service fee) – SOLD OUT
Ticket club night presale/door – after 22 dec: € 16,50 (incl. service fee)

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