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Sat 31.03

Madensuyu (BE) + Bonne Aparte

postrock, kraut, noise

For fans of: NEU!, Sonic Youth, Raketkanon

Time schedule:
19.30 doors
20.00 Bonne Aparte
21.00 Madensuyu

Enjoy the calm for now, because a storm called Madensuyu is coming. This band from Belgium is not to be compared with a sudden shower though. No, they’re rather to be described as a hurricane that’s slowly coming your way, one that increasingly intensifies. It makes their post-rock with elements of noise and kraut mesmerizing and ruthless in the end. After the release of their intense record ‘Stabat Mater’ from 2013, Madensuyu returns this February with their fourth LP ‘Current’. So it’s quiet for now, but it won’t take very long.
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Support: Bonne Aparte
Bonne Aparte’s initial impact on the dutch underground scene, back in 2007, was as forceful as it was short-lived. After a nearly ten year break the band are back, operating out of Rotterdam where they mash up influences from all kinds of loud aggressive guitar music, creating an explosive cocktail of suppressed frustrations and manic energy. Early 2018 the band present another punch in the face with their forthcoming album ‘SCALPS’, clocking eleven songs in barely twenty-four minutes; leaving you with a nosebleed and a discerning desire for more.

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