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Thu 22.03

Dik Belegd

Line-up: Kristall, Libra, Pharadice Birds, George Bull

indie, pop, rock

PACT+ presents Dik Belegd: four performances of graduation projects in Sugarfactory.

Floaty, mysterious, but also catchy and danceable. This band from Amsterdam blends modern indie and new wave from the 80s in a fresh mix of pop, rock and electronics.

Instrumental prog/mathrock with jazzy and classical melodies, not shy from ambience and not afraid to get loud. With 8 stringed guitars, bass solo’s, tap riffs and groovy time signatures they create an interesting act with well written songs that will grab one’s attention and engages you to keep listening. For fans of: CHON, Via Luna, Animals As Leaders, Covet.

Pharadice Birds 
Pharadice Birds is a band that sprung from Amsterdam. Their music consists of loud, energized shoegaze. Let your ears be filled with loud and full songs, that sound familiar, but still fresh. It’s a tidal wave that takes you along and brings you in.

George Bull 
You put an energetic sound + a crazy front-man + headbanger hits + moshpit worthy songs together and you get the hardcore-stoner band named George Bull. This band from Utrecht with his outliers to post-hardcore and punk rock slaps you in the face so that you will remember George Bull for a while!

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