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Fri 30.03

Cari Lekebusch ◉ Julia Govor ◉ Philogresz


A leading figure in the second generation of techno producers to emerge from the electronic music explosion of the early 1990ʼs, Cari Lekebusch has sustained a twenty-five-year career in music through an unwavering commitment to quality and an unquenchable desire to constantly move things forward.

When talking about Julia Govor, people usually emphasize her background as a singer in a Russian military band. But that’s more of an aside than anything related to the music the New York-based producer makes nowadays, which is hypnotic and occasionally rigid techno.

Support by Zwart Goud founder Philogresz

You can imagine that this is promising to be quite the night!

◉ €10,- early birds (incl. service fee)
◉◉ €15,- regular
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