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Wed 02.08

BOO SEEKA (AU) + Gold Member (AU) + The Ultraverse

Electronica, soul, r&b

Time schedule:
20:00 > doors
20:30 > The Ultraverse
21:10 > Gold Member
21:30 > Boo Seeka

Synths, beats and vocals: that’s what this band is all about. BOO SEEKA snaps up melodies and bounces them off hip-hop/R&B driven grooves and beats that vibe. Influenced by the layerings and experimental beats of Major Lazer, the cool swagger of J-Dilla and The Seed 2.0’s Cody Chestnutt’s soulful vocal delivery.

Sydney hip-hop-psych-soul project begun an outlet for a couple of musical experiments, a testing ground for new sounds. And it’s growing, multiplying and producing delicious sounds. Meanwhile, Boo Seeka continue to work on their first album – on and off the road. Their most recent single, ‘Does This Last’, navigates through a bed of spacey synth and string layers, building on their eclectic soul-tronic sounds.
> Listen here

Support: Gold Member (AU)
These Sydney-based boys just released their first single ‘Rope Swing’, a track that heaves its way up and down intensity levels, seamlessly transitioning from modern hip hop-infused verses to its infectiously catchy 80’s pop-style chorus, all the while keeping the listener fixated on lead singer Az’s sultry pipes. The electronic influence is brought into the track by multi-instrumentalist D-Robe, whose unique technique adds another level of intricacy to the duo’s debut single.
> Listen here

Support: The Ultraverse
The Ultraverse is a new electronica act from the Netherlands. Producer Huub van Loon is inspired by ground breaking artists like Trentemøller, Moderat and Bob Moses and he loves dark, spherical, electronical music. His love for pop songs is always on the surface. This combination is the foundation for The Ultraverse, a three man formation with Pim Mulders on guitar and Jos van Loon as live producer. Huub plays synths and does live vocals. The first single Silent Call premiered on VEVO US, that gave the video worldwide promotion. Curious?
> Listen here

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