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Mon 16.04

Antwon (US) + Rozz Dyliams

hiphop, underground rock

Time schedule
19:30 doors
20:10 Rozz Dyliams
21:00 Antwon

For fans of: Death Grips, Shabazz Palaces, The Notorious B.I.G.

Antwon’s unique style makes all the more sense when one acknowledges his punk roots. From his Bay Area powerviolence-steeped past through his tenure in filth-ridden hardcore band Leather, Antwon’s love of hip-hop has been offset by his appreciation for the more brutal niches of underground rock. The magic of Antwon’s craft is that he manages to apply the aesthetics of crucial bands into a hip-hop format. To quote Pitchfork: “A former hardcore kid, he was the vanguard of the rap-cum-rockstar, with noisy, opulent songs that were as influenced by Death Grip’s rage as Cocteau Twins’ dreaminess.”
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Support: Rozz Dyliams
Rozz Dyliams, aka Dylan Ross, is a rapper and producer based out of Seattle, Washington. As a prolific multi-genre artist, Rozz strongly carved his own niche with the release of his albumGaleforce Beach’, a hybrid of trap, horrorcore, old-school jungle rave, and even coldwave-tinged synth-funk. Known for consistently releasing quality projects, each different than the last, all the while cutting his teeth touring, this reclusive artist continues to refine his signature sound, all the while refusing to be defined by any specific genre.
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